X-Ray In Colleyville

An X-Ray is a technology that we are very proud to have on site at all of our Make You Well locations. We provide the latest and greatest in digital X-Ray technology, and we have state certified and licensed X-Ray Technicians to provide the service.

Many patients assume that X-Rays are only used to diagnose broken bones, but X-Rays are actually used to diagnose many other types of issues, such as pneumonia and foreign body removal.

An X-Ray works by pushing electromagnetic energy beams in order to created a picture of the patient’s body, beneath the skin. The resulting image can show tissues, bones, and organs, in order to aide the providers at Make You Well with the tools they need to make a diagnosis.

X-Rays are completely painless and create incredible images for the providers at Make You Well. If you suspect that you may need an X-Ray to diagnose a specific problem with your health, give Make You Well in Colleyville a call to schedule an appointment with one of our providers, in order to get an X-Ray taken immediately.