Sports Physicals

Sports physicals are used to evaluate the physical condition of your child, to ensure that they are prepared and physically capable of engaging in athletics. At Make You Well in Colleyville, we offer evaluations for almost every type of sports physical, to ensure that your athlete is ready to compete. We offer sports physicals for all different types of sports at all different age levels, including football, basketball, volleyball, swimming, and track and field physicals.

The process by which Make You Well providers will evaluate your athlete involves understanding their medical history, recording weight and height, checking blood pressure and pulse, testing vision, testing the heart and lungs, and examining bones, muscles, and joints. The providers at Make You Well will also ask questions about the athlete’s diet, and overall health before clearing them to play sports. Boys may be asked about testicle pain and girls will be asked about their periods to ensure there are no problems relating to either. The nurse practitioner or physician will also inquire about any smoking, vaping, drugs, diet pills, or performance enhancing supplements, including steroids.

Sports physicals at Make You Well are important to learn if the patient may have any health problems that would interfere with their ability to perform in an athletic arena, or if they have any risk of serious injury. One major example is Asthma. If the athlete suffers from asthma, the provider can prescribe medication to allow them to breathe more easily during times of running or physical exertion.

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