How do I get a prescription refilled?

Call your pharmacy to request your refills (even if the bottle says zero refills). If your prescription requires approval, please allow 2-3 days for this to process. If your refill request is denied, please call the office.


Do not call the office to ask for a refill unless it is a controlled substance, mail order refill, or if the pharmacy denied your refill request.

How soon will my new prescription be ready to pick-up from the pharmacy?

Please allow at least 3-hours for your new prescription to process. It can take pharmacists time to check voice mail orders for new prescriptions.


If you would like a status update before picking up your prescription, please check with the pharmacy before leaving to pick it up.


What if I received a sample medication that I would like a prescription for?

Please call the office and leave a clear message on our pharmacy line voice mail with the following information:

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Name of the Medication with dose and strength
  • Pharmacy Phone Number

Allow 2-3 days for the prescription to be called in and processed by your pharmacy.

How often do I need to see a care provider?

This depends on your unique healthcare. It varies based on your medical history, age, medical conditions, and the medications you are currently taking. To determine how regularly you need to have an appointment with your care provider, you must be seen by your care provider. At the minimum, if you are in good health, we recommend that you come in to visit your care provider at least one time per year for your annual physical.  If you have diabetes or high blood pressure, you should be seen at least every 6 months.

What should I do if I need to cancel an appointment?

Please provide as much advanced notice as possible.


  • Canceling within 24 hours may result in a $30.00 fee.
  • No-showingfor an appointment may result in a $50.00 fee.
  • 2+ missed/ no-show appointmentswithout any prior notice are grounds for being discharged from the practice.


When you don’t allow the office the courtesy of knowing you will be unable to make your appointment, you are taking away appointment opportunities for “same-day” sick patients.

What insurance plans do you accept?

Below is a list of the insurance plans we are currently accepting for new patients. If you have questions or don’t see your plan listed, please give us a call at (817) 354-7999.


*Please note new patients will need to pay for their appointment before their first visit. 

**All copays/co-insurance/ deductibles (if not met) must be paid at time of service.

What if my insurance coverage has changed? How do I know what is now covered?

We are here to help and will try our best to answer your questions, but ultimately the coverage contract is between you and your insurance. To answer your questions, you will need to provide us with the most up to date insurance card. Your charges are directly based upon the information that your insurance gives us. Please expect to either pay a deductible or a copay the day services are rendered.

Will my insurance cover charge for specialists, imaging centers, hospitals, and/or laboratory work?

Your healthcare is extremely important to us, and we will order all appropriate tests that our physicians feel is medically necessary. Coverage for these will depend on your insurance plan. We cannot guarantee that all tests ordered will be covered by your insurance.

Do you accept cash-pay or medical sharing plans?

We do not accept new patients with cash-pay or medical sharing plans. If you are an existing patient, please call the office before scheduling your appointment (817) 354-7999.

Do you allow for same-day or next-day appointments?

We do our best to be flexible for patients that are not feeling well. If you have a health concern or are not feeling well and would like to see a care provider same day, we ask that you be flexible about the time of day you can come in. We will do our best to get you in to see a care provider as soon as possible.

Is it possible for me to get an early morning or evening appointment?

These appointment times fill up the first, so we recommend scheduling further in advance if you prefer these times of day for your appointment.

How do I schedule lab work?

We do labs in our office on the same day as your office visit with the physician, so there is no need to schedule your labs separately.


We ask that all physicals, pap, diabetic appointments etc., come to their appointment abstaining from food 4-5 hours prior to your appointment.

*Note: we are unable to accept walk-in appointments for lab work.

Who processes lab work?

CPL (Clinical Pathology Labs) is our preferred lab and maintains a phlebotomist draw site within our building.

What if I have a question about my lab bill?

The phlebotomist is not our employee, and we have no authority as regards to CPL (Clinical Pathology Labs) billing. Please address any lab billing questions to the CPL billing office (800) 411-2762 or (844) 395-6040

How will I receive my test results?

A summary of your results will be sent through mail to the address you provided the office. If you have questions about your results, please call the office and schedule an appointment with your care provider. If you would like detailed print outs of your lab results you can request these through CPL’s website at


*Please note, your care provider reviews the lab results as soon as they are received. If there is something specific, important or not normal concerning your results, your care provider will call you or direct someone to call you.

How long will it take to receive my lab test results?

This varies depending on the test. During your visit, please ask your care provider how long it usually takes to get results for your specific test(s).

What if I need imaging?

If your care provider considers it necessary for you to have imaging, you will receive an order from us that you can provide to an imaging facility. The facility will file to your insurance and handle your claim.


After imaging is completed, the facility will send us a report regarding your results within 3-5 days. We will then promptly send you a summary of your results through mail. If you have questions about these results. Please, call the office and schedule an appointment with your care provider. If you do not receive results within one week, please give us a call.


*Please note, your care provider reviews the imaging results when received. If there is something not normal, your care provider will call you or direct someone to call you.

How can I request my medical records?

To request your medical records to be released, please fill out a form at the office or here then fax it to (817) 571-2140

Adult patients must sign for their own records to be released.  A biological parent must sign for a child until age 18.

How can I get a copy of a medical bill?

To request a copy of a medical bill please call the office and leave a message with our billing line.


  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Date of Bill / Date of Service
    (if you are unsure of the date, please describe what you are calling for)


Allow 1-2 weeks for us to process your request. We will send your bill to you through mail.


Ask for a copy when you check out!

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